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Roberta is also an outspoken participant in the AEC (Artist Empowerment Coalition) whose primary goal is advocacy for artists' rights and control of their creative properties. Through it all, she always comes back to the music, which is why it is not surprising that Roberta was asked by VH1 to participate in its "100 Greatest Love Songs" and "100 Greatest Women of Rock & Roll" television events. Roberta's latest release was her 2003 Christmas album, "Holiday," a timeless collection of seasonal favorites, a Roberta classic or two, plus a few goodies thrown in for good cheer. For 2005, the soon to be released "Songs From the Neighborhood," an all star tribute to the music of the late Fred "Mr." Rogers, showcases Ms. Flack's inimitable vocal talent, as she sings the signature classic and theme song to Rogers' beloved T.V. program, "What a beautiful day in the neighborhood." Presently, Ms. Flack is planning her forthcoming album, and is currently hard at work in the studio!