Shawn and Kate Show


New to WMNI, it's the Shawn and Kate Show! Shawn + Kate= Fun. Real. Radio. Tune in Sunday mornings at 9am! 

Love to laugh, listen to great music and receive unsolicited advice? Then this is the show for you! Male or Female, young or old, you will be entertained by the Shawn and Kate Show! Shawn Ireland and Kate Burdett have been entertaining radio listeners all over Ohio for way too many years to count. Listen to them on Sundays at 9am on Easy 95.1FM and AM920 WMNI!

Shawn Ireland

​Shawn Ireland has been a fixture on the radio at many of the primary stations in Central Ohio for over 27 years, (some call that longevity, some call it just plain dumb!). Aside from a stint in San Diego, at an all-female morning show, she has spent most of her career waking up her sleepy-eyed faithful Ohio listeners! In her spare time, she devotes her time to women's and children's causes in Central Ohio, and is passionate about her signature, self-esteem program for middle school girls called Beauty's On The Inside! Shawn also has two children whom she nods at on occasion, and two intellectually challenged dogs that she makes excuses for constantly! Come to think of it, that goes a long way in explaining who Shawn Ireland is!

Kate Burdett  

Kate Burdett has been shooting her mouth off on the radio in Ohio since 1995. A native of western NY and a graduate of the University of Dayton, Kate's parents are just grateful that she's found a way to put her mouthiness to good use (though the jury is still out on that one). Kate resides in a happy home with Roommate Rob and her dog Parker who is smarter than most people you'll meet. The home is happiest when Kate has a glass full of wine and a DVR full of reality TV to watch!

Wine Down with Shawn and Kate!

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